Monday, August 17, 2009

UFO sighting

On their first night in Lego Land, Gary Payton and Vince Carter do what they always do when they come to a new town-- go out walking in the woods looking for UFOs. (See photo above) They have not been walking for very long when they see a real live UFO. (See photo below)
Gary Payton and Vince Carter are very excited and go back to find Dirk Nowitzki to tell him what they have found. (See photo below) Dirk Nowitzki is not interested in what they have to say, however, and will not come out to see the UFO no matter how many times they ask. In fact, Dirk Nowitzki is worried that the other NBA players in Lego Land will think that they are crazy for believing in UFOs. He makes Gary Payton and Vince Carter promise that they will tell no one about what they think they have discovered.

For many days after that, Vince Carter and Gary Payton spend all of their free time out in the woods looking at the UFO. (See photo above) What they do not know, however, is that the UFO belongs to the alien guy (pictured below, with his UFO) who is a good friend of all the other NBA players. If only they would mention what they have seen, then the other NBA players could tell them all about their friend, the alien guy. Sadly, they promised Dirk Nowitzki that they would not tell.
Below: The alien guy hanging out with Shaq at the UFO. Unfortunately, Gary Payton and Vince Carter were busy at that time and did not get to see it.


  1. I'm pretty scared of that alien - he's massive - he makes Shaq look tiny. Plus that yard waste container in the one picture is about 10 times Dirk's height - that's alot of grass clipping.

  2. Everyone in Lego Land (including gigantic aliens) works very hard to help the environment-- that includes separating out their grass clippings, food scraps and other yard waste so that it can be turned into compost.


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