Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles

Last week Allen Iverson received a notice in the mail telling him that it was time for him to renew the tabs on his license plates. So today he is taking a trip down to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Little does Allen Iverson know, everybody else in town has the exact same idea.
The lines are long, and they do not move very quickly. The workers at the Department of Motor Vehicles make sure to check the paperwork thoroughly so that there will not be any mistakes.
Shaq is enjoying his conversation with the man in the blue crash helmet. They are talking about the upcoming NBA season. Meanwhile, Karl Malone is helping Predrag Stojakovic decide which forms he will need to get his driver's license.
Many people have cars and like to drive, so the Department of Motor Vehicles is often quite crowded.

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