Thursday, August 6, 2009

At the swimming pool

Steve Francis has a summer job working as a lifeguard down at the local public swimming pool. Sometimes, in the afternoon, his friends like to come down and hang out and go swimming. Today Allen Iverson, Shaq, Tony Parker, and Eva Longoria Parker have dropped by.
If none of his bosses are around, Steve Francis can usually sneak his friends in for free. Today, however, Steve Francis' supervisor (pictured above, in the white hat and red shirt) is there, so everybody had to pay the $3.75 to get in.
Above: Shaq likes to just float around on his back in the cool, refreshing water.

Below: Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Parker hang out by the pool.
Below: Steve Francis has to use his bullhorn to enforce the safety rules. Meanwhile, Allen Iverson waits to jump off the diving board.

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  1. AI is having quite the summer - skateboarding and swimming!


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