Saturday, August 8, 2009

A list of Lego NBA players that I wish I had

Below is a list of the Lego NBA players that I wish I had. As far as I know, Lego does not make any of these players. The players are listed in reverse order by height. All information about the players' heights comes from
  • Moses Malone 6'10"
  • Robert Horry 6'9"
  • Maurice Lucas 6'9" (see photo below)
  • Carmelo Anthony 6'8"
  • Marvin Barnes 6'8" (see photo below)
  • Elton Brand 6'8" (see photo below)
  • George Gervin 6'7"
  • Alex English 6'7"
  • Gilbert Arenas 6'3"
  • World B. Free 6'2"
Also, I would like the complete set of the 2004-2005 University of Illinois men's basketball team. If it is not possible to have the complete set, I would like to have Dee Brown, Deron Williams, and Luther Head.


  1. I'd like to submit Manute Bol and David Wood to the list.

  2. You stumped me on David Wood-- I had to look him up. But since we're adding folks to the list, I'll throw in a few more that I left off: Kiki Vandeweghe, Dan Issel, Doug Moe (as a coach, not a player) and Baron Davis (but he has to be wearing his Warriors uniform...)


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