Monday, August 31, 2009

Back-to-school pep rally at Warren G. Harding High School

The principal of Warren G. Harding High School has decided that it would be a good idea to have a back-to-school pep rally to get his students excited about the first day of school. For the pep rally, he has decided to invite some NBA stars to come and talk to the students about the importance of trying hard in school so they can go to college. The following players have been invited to speak to the students: Vince Carter (University of North Carolina), Gary Payton (Oregon State University), and Shaq (Louisiana State University and University of Phoenix). (See photos above and below-- the principal is the one wearing the brown jacket and gray pants)
All three NBA players are very happy to share their thoughts and experiences about school. Both Vince Carter and Shaq are proud of the fact that they went back to college after starting their NBA careers to finish their degrees. Shaq is doubly proud because, after finishing at Louisiana State, he enrolled in an online program through University of Phoenix and earned an MBA.

Below: The students listen to the NBA stars talk about the importance of education and life-long learning.

Above: Gary Payton talks to the chairman of Harding High School's science department about how to find and capture UFOs.

Below: One of the students has become so excited that she has fainted. Luckily, Vince Carter and the camera operator are there to make sure she is all right.

Note: Special thanks to Jeff from Hoops Manifesto for helping out on this one.


  1. First off, I've never been prouder to have my name attached to anything than this!

    Secondly, we've gotta try to get Gary Payton to wear a hair piece like that in real life.

    Thirdly, so are we to believe that Lego Land is really located in Warren, Ohio?

  2. A. I would not want to be the one to ask Gary Payton to wear the blonde hair piece. Maybe you can be in charge of that.

    B. Lego Land is not in Ohio. It is mostly in my living room and backyard (and once in a while in my kitchen or basement).


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