Friday, August 21, 2009

Gary Payton and Vince Carter have new part-time jobs

Gary Payton and Vince Carter have new part-time jobs -- they were recently hired to be the crossing guards at a busy intersection. Their job is to make sure that people who are trying to cross the street between the airport and the outdoor basketball court can get there without being run over.
When people come to the crosswalk, Gary Payton and Vince Carter are in charge of making the cars and truck stop before the people try to cross. (See photos above and below) They only have one handheld STOP sign, so they take turns using it. This time, it is Gary Payton's turn.
Below: Kevin Garnett waits patiently in the driver's seat. Steve Francis and Antoine Walker are riding in the back in the trailer.
Below: Now that the cars have stopped and it is safe to cross, the people are allowed to cross the street.
Below: Traffic has started moving again. There goes Allen Iverson with his basketball on his way to shoot some hoops. Vince Carter is waving to everyone as they drive by.

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  1. I'm impressed Carter didn't get injured stopping traffic!


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