Saturday, August 15, 2009

Looking for a place to stay

Since they are new in town, Jalen Rose, Kevin Garnett, and Predrag Stojakovic need to find a place to stay. For the time being, they have decided to rent a house together. They have looked at a couple of places that they did not really like, and now they are meeting a potential landlord to see a possible house. (See photo above)

Below: The three NBA players follow the potential landlord into the house.
The three NBA stars do not know this, but the man they have come to see about a rental property is actually Steve Francis' supervisor from the public swimming pool. Life can be full of little coincidences sometimes.

Below: The potential landlord/swimming pool supervisor (in the white hat and red shirt) shows the three players the living room.
Jalen Rose, Kevin Garnett, and Predrag Stojakovic take their time checking out the house. They do not want to rush into anything that they will regret later. They look upstairs and downstairs and make sure to ask the potential landlord questions about the house, the utilities, and details of the lease. (See photo below) Predrag Stojakovic once got ripped off by a landlord who did not return his security deposit, and he does not want that to happen again.
After talking it over amongst themselves, the three NBA players decide to take the house. Kevin Garnett shakes hands with their new landlord to seal the deal. (See photo below) Later the three will sign the actual lease papers.

Everyone is very excited about the new place. The three NBA stars cannot wait to move in.

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