Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Friday

Today is Friday, and the NBA players are tired from a long week. They are not doing much today -- mostly sitting around and relaxing -- so instead of pictures of their new activities, here are some extra pictures from things they did earlier this week.
Above: The public swimming pool where Steve Francis works as a lifeguard.

Below: Steve Francis (holding bullhorn) makes sure that everyone is safe and having fun. Shaq is about to jump in off the diving board.
Below: Steve Francis talks to his supervisor (the guy with the red shirt and the white hat).
Above and below: Antoine Walker skateboarding
Below:A video of Antoine Walker riding the skateboard


  1. I really enjoyed this posting.

    However, I noticed that there are only 3 cars, but there are at least 6 lego pepole at the pool.
    This being the case, I am wondering:
    a) Who do the cars belong to?
    b) Who did they give rides to the pool?
    c) Did everyone drive (or get driven) to the pool, or did some of them use alternate methods of transportation (ex; walking)?

  2. Some people drive; some get dropped off; some walk. Allen Iverson drives the big car on the right. The white Trabant in the middle belongs to to the Ulbricht Cab Co. The red VW on the left...I don't know who that belongs to.


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