Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tony Parker is having a party

Tony Parker and his wife, Eva Longoria Parker, are hosting a party for all their friends. Steve Francis was the first NBA player to arrive (see photo above). He was happy to see Devil Smurf there - no one likes it when they show up at a party and they don't know anybody there.

Below: Karl Malone is telling Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Parker about how happy he is that he found his real legs in time for the party.
Below: Allen Iverson enjoys his conversation with the alien guy and a man in a pointy green hat. AI doesn't mind talking to strangers.


  1. Is it wrong that I enjoy this stuff so much?!

  2. Absolutely not. That's why the internet was invented -- so that we can find out all we want to know about the lives of famous people (such as NBA stars).

  3. In that case, God bless Al Gore for inventing the internet!


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