Friday, August 28, 2009

Everyone is excited about what is coming in the mail

For several days all the regular people and NBA players in Lego Land have been very excited about an interesting news item-- a shipment of pieces straight from the Lego factory will be arriving soon. There are many rumors spreading throughout Lego Land about what may be coming in the shipment -- new heads, hair, hats, helmets, legs, life jackets, flippers, beards, and/or weapons. Everyone has an opinion about what will and should be coming.

Above: Kevin Garnett discusses the rumors with his neighbors, one of whom happens to be a reporter (the man with the top hat and hook).

Below: Predrag Stojakovic waits by his mailbox. He would like a new hat or helmet to replace the firefighter's helmet that he is forced to wear.
Below: Predrag Stojakovic hopes that the mail comes soon.


  1. What is that strange rash on Peja's face?!?

  2. The "rash" is Lego's version of facial hair.

  3. In that case I'd hate to see a Lego version of me!


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