Saturday, October 24, 2009

Everyone is getting ready for Halloween

All over Lego Land, everyone is getting their costumes ready for Halloween and trick-or-treating. Dirk Nowitzki is planning on going out dressed as Allen Iverson.
Road Kobe Bryant and home Kobe Bryant will be dressed as lifeguards.
Jalen Rose is going as Antoine Walker, and Tony Parker will be dressed as a mummy.
And finally (for now), Gary Payton and Kevin Garnett will be going door-to-door as Dracula and Dr. Frankenstein's monster.


  1. I think Payton should add his blonde wig to his costume.

  2. That might be kind of difficult.

  3. Or he could just dress like he normally does with the wig and say he's dressed as Butch "The Natural" Reed.


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